The Scared Little Girl

So I broke up with my boyfriend loving him as fuck, one of my best friends and I just had a huge arguement, my mum is putting pression on me with my new university life and a couple of guys have been laughing at me through a social network.
Yes, I think my day was pretty good.

Some days ago I was working a bit at the orchard so I would feel nice for some time due to a bit of adrenaline.
As I was doing it, it was so nice. Then I arrived home and sat on the sofa. I started to feel so bad so I went to my bedroom. I burst into tears.
Nice, sooo nice.

I’m so confused about what I feel that I don’t even know what is wrong or right or something.

Everyone tells me to forget him… what if I can’t?

FUCK OFF. I cannot understand society in any fucking way. NOTTTT AT ALLLLL.

One guy has just reblogued a pic of me like 3 times and omg thank you!

Berros por quen non os quere,
“Que fixeches miña rula?”
“Só o quixen, só iso.”

Se foses unha das miñas bágoas
os labirintos serían sinxelos
e os sorrisos, a miña alma.

Quen che dixo que era túa?
Teu non é nada, nada máis
que un anaco deste meu corazón.

Voa, paxariño voa.
E non volvas endexamais.