The Scared Little Girl


This post is gonna be so stupid but… does anyone know what the hell is going on with the microphone of my LG L5 II? It hasn’t been working for some weeks. Whenever I wanna record my voice (on whatsapp or whatever), the only thing that appears to sound is something like “trtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtr” and the phone goes back to the SIM code screen.
It annoys me so much so if any of you know how to solve this please send me a message!

Someone asked me to say 20 facts about me on so I thought it would be a good idea to post them here too…

1. Hate people saying me how I feel as if they really knew.
2. People who don’t fight for what they want make me annoyed.
3. I know perfectly how childish I can be and how much I still have to learn.
4. Love him.
5. My grandparents are the most important people in my life, apart from my mum.
6. I feel sorry and scared for leaving this place, but I can’t wait for it.
7. Don’t like to not fulfill my duties, not because someone says me to, but because I do.
8. I know I can give much more of myself than I actually give, but I’m too lazy for it.
9. Don’t think abortion is a murder.
10. To count true friends I don’t even need the fingers of one hand.
11. People who need to make people feel like shit to feel good with themselves bother me.
12. The times I’ve kept silence for things that I considered unfair are more than one hundred.
13. Don’t have fucking idea of what to do with my life.
14. They always understimated me enough to make me believe it.
15. Even if I have to admit I do it sometimes, I don’t think the best is to not want to learn anything at all.
16. Don’t have a favourite film, colour, song, or similar.
17. Hate they think I act cocky.
18. Hate films from decades before the 80’s, no matter if they’re classics.
19. Never understood the use of analizing literature, even if I really like reading.
20. Have never ever seen Matrix, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings or similar.

I fucking miss tumblr… but I’m so busy being happy that I can’t pay much attention.


my mum says: stop doing diet! you look beautiful as you are and if you don’t stop you’ll look bad.

my mind: hahahahha loooooool

my mouth: don’t worry mum, I’m eating well, I’m just keeping fit.

my belly: fuck, I’m going away